Reach a Divorce Agreement Without Attorneys. Save Thousands.

We guide you step-by-step through a personalized online divorce process, so you can move on without the cost, time and conflict of attorneys.
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Divorce can be very expensive.

Not to mention time consuming and painful. It doesn’t have to be.

Work Together or Individually

Get divorced the way that’s best for you. You and your spouse get separate logins, so you can work together if you want, or each work independently if you’re not getting along.

Personalized, Guided Process

We guide you through a personalized process, providing tips and information at every step. It takes less than one quarter the time of working with attorneys.

Resolve Disagreements

Don’t worry if you don’t see eye to eye. Our dispute resolution tools help you work out disagreements. If needed, a highly skilled mediator will finalize your agreement over Zoom.

Help Available

Our U.S.-based Customer Care team is there to support you every step of the way, by chat, email or phone.

All Paperwork Prepared for You

We prepare all the paperwork you need and file it with the court. Acceptance by the court guaranteed.

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No credit card / No commitment
Available throughout California

Fixed Fee Package Saves Thousands


Avg. $25,000 +

Cash upfront

Pay for preparation of paperwork

Pay extra for child custody & support agreement

No guarantee


Low down payment option – just $499. Financing available

Paperwork included, filed with the court

Child custody & support agreement included

Money back guarantee

Attorneys charge by the hour, so you never know how much you’ll pay. BlissDivorce gives you one low, fixed‑fee price.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our Online Platform, get a full refund. No questions asked.

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