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Average $15,000 – $30,000 + court fees¹

Charge by the hour – don’t know how much you’ll pay

Cash retainer up front

Pay for preparation of paperwork

Pay extra for child custody & support agreement

No guarantee


$3,999 + court fees¹

Fixed fee – know exactly what you’ll pay

Low down payment option – just $499. Financing available

Paperwork included, filed with the court²

Child custody & support agreement included

Money back guarantee

1 The court typically charges $435-$455 per spouse to file a divorce (this is the same whether you do it through BlissDivorce or an attorney). There can be additional court costs, such as e-filing fees or postage fees. Your mediator will let you know what the fees are for your case and collect them before filing your divorce.

2 Includes document preparation and filing through entry of judgment. Does not include post-divorce actions necessary to implement a divorce, such as changes in title to real estate or personal property, orders required for division of retirement assets, enforcement of payments, etc.

Money Back Guarantee

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Pro-rata refund available after start of mediation. For full terms & conditions see our Refund Policy.

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