How it Works

The BlissDivorce Online Platform guides you through a personalized process so you can reach an agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys.

The Online Platform is the first of three steps to help you reach an agreement and move on:

Online Platform

Our Online Platform makes it easy for you to do the required disclosures and propose how you would like your divorce settlement to look.
  • Easily import or enter asset and debt information
  • Propose how you would like to divide things
  • If you have children, put together your proposed custody/parenting plan
Don't worry if you're not getting along with your spouse. Each of you gets your own login and goes through BlissDivorce individually.

Digital Mediation

It's not easy to agree on everything during a divorce. Our Digital Divorce Mediation™ tools help you resolve disagreements without all the conflict and stress of using attorneys.
If disagreements remain you get up to five hours of Zoom-based mediation with one of our experienced mediators. This is usually enough time to resolve disputes. If not, you and spouse can pay for additional mediation at your mediator's hourly rate.

Prepare Paperwork and File

Once you've reached a full agreement, BlissDivorce will prepare your paperwork and file it with the court. Most filings are accepted on the first try, but if there are any unforeseen issues, we'll work with you until the filing is accepted.

To use our Online Platform and videoconference system you'll need a computer and high speed Internet connection.

Don't worry, your data is safe. Our platform uses advanced end-to-end encryption to protect your information.

Work out a full divorce agreement without the headaches or heartaches.

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