How it Works

The BlissDivorce Online Platform guides you through a personalized process so you can reach an agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys.

The Online Platform is the first of three steps to help you reach an agreement and move on:

Online Platform

Upload assets and debts, including personal possessions, cars, bank accounts and credit cards, so they are organized for your mediation. The platform prepares your required disclosure, saving you hours of work. You can also propose how you want to split things up. This won’t be shared with your spouse—it will only be for you and your mediator, to help work out a fair divorce agreement.

Don’t worry if you’re not getting along with your spouse. Each of you gets a separate login and goes through individually. Once you’re both through with the online platform, you’ll be ready to get to work with your mediator.

Virtual Mediation

After you complete the online platform, we’ll get you in touch with your mediator. You’ll have up to six hours of mediation sessions with your mediator, using our secure videoconference system. This is usually enough time to work out an agreement. If it’s not, you and spouse can pay for additional mediation sessions at your mediator’s hourly rate. We encourage you to be flexible and try to work things out in the first six hours.

Prepare Paperwork and File

Your mediator will prepare all the paperwork required to make your divorce and divorce agreement official. This includes a child custody and support agreement, if needed. Once you review and sign it, your mediator will file it with the court on your behalf.

To use our Online Platform and videoconference system you’ll need a computer and high speed Internet connection.

Don’t worry, your data is safe. Our platform uses advanced end-to-end encryption to protect your information.

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