The role of a divorce attorney in Sacramento CA is to represent a spouse through court proceedings of the divorce.  An attorney is there to advocate for your interests and try to get you as much as possible in the divorce settlement. Your spouse’s lawyer will try to do the same. This is the traditional approach to divorce and it’s the way most divorces are still done.

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There is a downside to the traditional approach. Attorney fees, depositions, expert witness fees, etc., can lead to mammoth expenditures that set back individuals for years. Also the opposing attorneys can escalate conflict and drag out the process. This makes the divorce much more stressful.

Some alternative solutions, like Bliss Divorce, offer a  resolution at just a fraction of the cost, to avoid the often crippling expenditures associated with traditional divorce.

Such alternative divorce methods usually speed up the process, and some couples find it helpful in removing the unnecessary hassle and conflict of court proceedings and dealing with lawyers.

Getting a Divorce in Sacramento, CA

Let’s start with the divorce process in Sacramento. The process is governed by state law, and in order to get divorced, you must comply with various eligibility standards and possess the necessary documentation. 

Here’s what the procedure looks like:


To get a divorce in Sacramento, first and foremost, you must meet the residency requirements. At least one spouse must have lived in the state of California for six months or more before filing for divorce. Furthermore, you are required to have lived for at least three months in Sacramento County.

Proving your eligibility requires showing identification documents, utility bills, lease agreements, or other records that confirm your residency in California and Sacramento County for the necessary duration.

Some exceptions can apply, like situations where one spouse is a member of the military, but in general it’s best to wait until at least one spouse has met the residency requirement before filing for divorce.


The most important condition is for the couple to have had a legal marriage. Couples need to show a marriage certificate to prove the validity of their marriage, which is an official document issued by a relevant authority. The certificate details information about the marriage, such as the names of the spouses and the date when it occurred.

California divorce law doesn’t require proving fault or any wrongdoing in order to file for a divorce. Hence, the most common ground for divorce is “irreconcilable differences”, which is to indicate that marriage is beyond saving due to personal issues.

This is for the purpose of finding a quick resolution and moving forward with the process. A no-fault divorce simplifies the proceedings and puts the focus on the legal aspects of the divorce instead of engaging in a long and drawn-out battle of proving who is at fault.

Filing for a divorce

Initiating a divorce procedure requires one of the spouses to file a divorce petition to a family court in Sacramento. The petition must include the grounds for the divorce and the demands of the filing spouse for property division, child custody, etc.

Following the filing of the petition, the divorce papers should be properly served to the other spouse to notify them of the pending procedure. This is called a summons, which allows the other side to adequately prepare and respond to the divorce request.

Both parties must disclose their finances with asset and income disclosure forms, showing each spouse’s income, assets, debts, etc. These documents are vital for dividing property and determining the child custody and child support fees.

Moreover, child custody and visitation forms are required if the couple has children. These forms include the proposed custody arrangements, visitation forms, and the rest of the details related to child custody.

Divorce vs legal separation

Divorce and legal separation are much more similar than most people realize. In a legal separation, you go through all the same steps as a divorce. For example, one party has to file a petition and service their spouse, and then the other party must respond. The same financial disclosures are required in legal separation as in divorce. And a legal separation entails the division property, child custody arrangements and child and spousal agreements, just like a divorce.

The main difference is that a A divorce changes the marital status of the spouses because it ends the marriage. In contrast, at the end of a legal separation the couple is still legally married, so neither spouse can remarry unless they file for divorce.

Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Is it necessary or even advisable to hire an attorney to help you through this process?

California’s family laws protect the rights of everyone involved in divorce proceedings, including the spouses and their children. These laws guide what’s acceptable in a divorce settlement when it comes to the issues of spousal support,, child custody and support and property division.

There are several ways to take care of these issues under the law. Traditional divorce involves each side hiring a lawyer to represent their interests. This is the option many couples default to because they think it’s best to have someone advocating for their interests and their interests only. However,  this traditional approach has many drawbacks and negative impacts on the family.

The biggest problem with this approach is probably cost. The average cost of attorney fees in California is $12,500 to $15,300 per spouse. Attorneys charge by the hour so it can go much higher than this.

Another drawback of hiring attorneys is that each attorney only represents one side. As a result there is often conflict over things the spouses never even thought of. High conflict divorce battles often last for more than a year and take a terrible toll on family well-being.

Self-representation is an excellent alternative for an uncontested divorce. Most people can overcome their differences and go through the proceedings without the expenses and pain of conventional divorce. You just need to be careful about preparing all the forms correctly and going through the mandated steps in the process. Divorce is a legal proceeding and can be quite complicated.

The most viable solution for people who want to avoid the enormous expenses of divorce lawyers but want to ensure their divorce is handled properly remains online divorce services.

Divorce attorney vs. online divorce proceedings

Divorces belong to the family law category and include child custody, child support, property division, and other issues arising from divorce proceedings.

The divorce lawyers are tasked with the preparation of the documents like petitions, responses, and motions. It’s their responsibility to ensure that the documents are written according to the laws and regulations. They should accurately reflect the client’s intentions while protecting their rights and interests.

The problem with using the attorneys’ service is associated with the cost and length. It is one of the most expensive and time-consuming divorce options.

Sometimes going to court is inevitable, as divorces can get upsetting. Reasonable people in more moderate situations can use alternative methods, such as online divorce platforms, which can do the same job for only a fraction of the cost.

By choosing an online divorce service, you can shorten the process, avoid stress, numerous meetings in the courtroom, and sky-high costs for each legal representation. Instead of asking someone to complete the divorce paperwork for you, you can now do it yourself for a quite lower price.

The Concept of Online Divorce

In recent years, online divorce has gained popularity because of its convenience. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional divorce proceedings, which allows couples to end their marriage without extensive legal representation or too many court appearances.

Online divorce can speed up the process by removing or minimizing typical delays for conventional proceedings. Online divorce also removes or reduces the need for travel, saving time and money for people from different areas. Overall, it’s a convenient and more affordable option, which is also private and often better for everyone’s emotional well-being.

The state of California recognizes online divorce as a legitimate and valid method for couples who want to end their marriage.

But what about reaching a divorce settlement with your spouse? How do you work out a settlement online if you don’t agree on issues like property division, child custody and spousal and child support?

The good news is that one provider of online divorce can resolve all your disagreements and help you reach a complete divorce settlement. They have AI-powered digital mediation tools that in most cases will resolve all of a couple’s disputes. This is done through your computer without the need for face-to-face meetings with your spouse. The tools use AI to understand your preferences and suggest compromises both spouses will accept.

In the rare cases that the digital tools don’t work, skilled mediators are available to work out remaining issues over Zoom. The mediator  provides a collaborative environment that will help get both sides to compromise and reach an agreement.

This online mediation process means reduced costs, less time and less emotional stress compared to the traditional approach. It also means that the divorcing spouses would have greater control over the outcome rather than having decisions imposed on them by a judge.

Sacramento has a strong emphasis on promoting alternative dispute resolutions for divorcing spouses. Getting an online divorce is a fast and straightforward way to get divorced in Sacramento.

Reasons to Choose Online Over Attorney-Represented Divorce

Several reasons compel people to consider alternatives to Sacramento CA divorce attorneys.

For some, it’s the feeling of a lack of control over the process as the judge makes a decision over their lives and their children’s. For others, it’s the financial aspect of it, with enormous fees paid for divorce attorneys and court proceedings.

Preservation of relationships and privacy

A court case and high-conflict attorney process can further dampen a relationship. Lawyers tend to increase the tension and conflict by finding new things for the spouses to fight over. Not everyone is at war after a divorce, with many actively trying to preserve a friendly relationship.

Avoiding courtrooms can help maintain a respectable and healthy relationship with your spouse, whether it’s because of the children or for other reasons. The children and everyone involved benefit when the spouses are reasonable and don’t cause too much havoc because of their differences.

Furthermore, the feeling of privacy can hardly be preserved when going to court due to the public nature of the proceedings. Personal details become part of the official record, and anyone can learn of the problems of the spouses.


It almost goes without saying that a court case can cost a fortune. Hiring a divorce attorney in Sacramento CA requires paying an upfront fee and an hourly rate for their services. Every phone call and every email exchange is billable, and even straightforward cases can cost a lot of money.

Almost every attorney will somehow try to extend the meetings and the entire divorce process, intending to earn more from the represented case.

It’s not just the services of divorce attorneys that must be paid. Filing fees, costs for obtaining documents, and expert witness fees, just to name a few, are quite burdensome financially.

An alternative dispute resolution, like an online divorce platform, can save people money, time, and stress. It would prevent causing further damage to themselves, their relationship, and the mental well-being of their children.


For the most part, conventional divorce proceedings take a massive amount of time. Court sessions and lawyer meetings are lengthy, and the dates between them are too far apart, leading to prolonged divorces and stress. It’s no secret that these long cases suit the attorneys because it makes them more money.

People caught in the midst of a court procedure often regret going through with it before searching for alternatives.

More complex issues and disagreements between spouses can further prolong the procedures. In court, adversity and rivalry can amplify, and they can start arguing for every single detail, creating a chain of “battles” that will take forever to settle.

Couples who are looking to separate should have these factors in mind before they put themselves through the process with all its hardships.

Alternative divorce methods like online divorce are a viable option for reasonable people to consider and move forward with their lives as quickly as possible. 


For many people, it is difficult to imagine that someone other than themselves will be deciding their fate. However, that happens when you go through divorce lawyers and the judicial system to decide on the case.

After examining the arguments and the evidence, the judge will make a decision that may require you to give up things against your will. It can be custody of the children or property you hold dear that could have been divided otherwise through online mediation. 

The judge won’t have a profound understanding of the complexities of your relationship, nor is it in their job description to care for such things. Only the spouses can make compromises and deals while knowing the value of the things that are being discussed.

This is part of why more and more separating couples are choosing online divorce services, ensuring they would maintain control over their divorce process.

Emotional stress

The emotional stress of a divorce is the biggest of all damages caused by the process. In fact, divorce is considered the second most stressful life event, after the death of a loved one.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach to divorce with a Sacramento divorce attorney can add to the stress. The long, drawn-out process, worry about mounting fees and back-and-forth conflict can take a toll on both spouses.

Some couples choose alternative ways, such as online divorce, to settle their differences and effectively end their marriage. A divorce doesn’t have to be a nervous affair; some methods promote compromise and fair separation.

An online divorce is a convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative that reduces the chances for conflicts. There’s less face-to-face contact between the partners and promotes a peaceful interaction in a private and flexible setting.

The children

Involving the children in the divorce process can be difficult to avoid, especially in complex cases where the partners argue over multiple aspects of child custody. This can have a significant impact on the psychological well-being of the children.

Online divorce offers a way to protect not only the spouses but also children from the stress of the traditional process. An online divorce service with the capability to resolve disagreements over child custody and support, without the need to bring in lawyers, can reduce the time and conflict inherent in divorce. This saves the family from a great deal of heartache.

The right online divorce platform allows parents to invest their finances and time in their children’s future instead of spending it on attorneys.

Dissolution of Marriage in Sacramento, CA

The role of a divorce attorney in Sacramento CA is to provide legal counsel, guidance, and representation in court. However, many people are looking to bypass the court proceedings and the high lawyer fees. They can do this by using alternative divorce methods such as online divorce platforms.