Refund Policy

BlissDivorce is committed to helping our customers reach a full divorce agreement without the cost, time and conflict of attorneys. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee. The following terms apply:

  • A refund is available until the earlier of:
    • Completion of our Online Platform, as designated by clicking “Done With Step 1.”. As soon as both spouses click “Done With Step 1,” a refund is no longer available.
    • One year from the date of your first payment. Refunds are not available more than one year after the date of first payment.
  • The amount refunded will be 2.9% less than the purchase amount, to cover our credit card processing costs.
  • Guarantee does not apply to Quick Start or Petition Service.

For questions about our refund policy, please contact us through the chat function or contact form.