Los Altos, CA Oct. 11, 2022 — Silicon Valley-based legal tech startup, Resolution 8 Technologies, Inc. announces the official launch of its online do-it-yourself platform, BlissDivorce®, with proprietary Relational Dispute Resolution™ technology. BlissDivorce® is helping couples complete their divorce without attorneys, saving them money and months of pain. With experience from Legalzoom™, the Co-Founders of BlissDivorce, Scott Seidewitz and Sheila Tan, aim to remove emotionally-induced conflict that can come from divorcing couples lawyering up in the traditional divorce system. 

Hiring attorneys can cost tens of thousands of dollars, often leading to increased conflict and taking away from their personal time and work. Attorneys require a retainer to start the case; on average, it could take 12 to 15 months to finalize the judgment. If the case goes to trial, it could be even more painful and time-consuming. 

After conducting extensive research with divorcing couples and attorneys, BlissDivorce founders realized that the best way to minimize cost and conflict is to help couples resolve their divorce without lawyers. But do-it-yourself forms can be complicated and don’t help couples when they’re bumping into areas of disagreement and conflicts in a divorce.

“The traditional system of divorce is financially and emotionally devastating to families. Hiring attorneys increase negative emotions and drag out the process. BlissDivorce is transforming this. Our Relational Dispute Resolution™ technology empowers couples to work out disagreements with positive actions to reach resolution, helping them to move on sooner to live their life,” says Sheila Tan, Co-Founder.

Now there’s a better way. BlissDivorce is helping couples reach an agreement without lawyers, saving them money and months of pain. Here are innovations from BlissDivorce:

  • Work Together or Separately – Spouses get individual logins, allowing them to work together or separately if they’re not getting along
  • Personalized Process – BlissDivorce guides couples step-by-step through a personalized divorce process. The platform makes it easy for them to securely enter and organize all financial matters, such as assets, debts, and other financial obligations.  
  • Propose What to Divide – The platform provides an easy, low-conflict way for couples to propose how they would like to divide things up, such as property and personal possessions.
  • Relational Dispute Resolution™ Technology – BlissDivorce is the only divorce service with proprietary technology to sort out disputes related to child custody, personal possessions, and more. Their algorithms help to identify what’s important to each spouse and where compromises could be achieved, making it easier to resolve disagreements. In most cases, couples reach resolution without needing a mediator; however, highly-trained mediators are available at no additional cost if couples hit an impasse.
  • Personalized Dashboard – Couples have anytime access to a customized dashboard to understand where they stand in the divorce process, helping them to feel more in control of the process and their timeline.

“BlissDivorce has developed an easy-to-use online platform that guides users through a personalized divorce process. We’re the only platform that integrates dispute avoidance and dispute resolution into the experience, so couples don’t have to resort to the expensive and high-conflict process of hiring attorneys. You can use BlissDivorce even if you’re not getting along because each spouse gets their own login. It’s a much better way to work out disagreements and move on,” says Scott Seidewitz, Co-founder.

While the average divorce in the U.S costs $26,000 (if it does not end up in a court battle costing even hundreds of thousands of dollars), BlissDivorce is only $3999 plus state-required filing fees. Once the couple agrees on their divorce terms, BlissDivorce prepares and files the paperwork following their county and state requirements. Couples have the security of knowing that BlissDivorce guarantees 100% satisfaction, so there’s no risk of getting started. 

BlissDivorce is now available in California, with plans to expand nationally. Now there’s a better way to help people move on to the next chapter of their life. 

About BlissDivorce®:

BlissDivorce® is an online platform powered by Relational Dispute Resolution™ technology that helps people reach a complete divorce agreement without the conflict of attorneys. Our goal is to help people move on without the financial and emotional devastation of the current divorce system. BlissDivorce is available in California, with plans to expand nationally. For more information visit www.blissdivorce.com

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice. If you require legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney in your local area.