Please note that all online divorce platforms are not the same. Much of the content below does not apply to BlissDivorce. BlissDivorce is the only complete online divorce solution, including property division, child custody, spousal support, and AI-powered Digital Divorce Mediation.

Going through a divorce is a long, stressful, and expensive process. Online divorce services help make this process easier and faster. Take some time to learn how they work and what are the pros and cons of an online divorce.

Remember that online divorces are not free, but they are a much more affordable solution than attorneys. Every divorce case is unique. Some include children, while others involve debts or immigration implications.

Informing yourself on who can go through the online divorce procedure is essential.

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of online divorce and whether it is right for you. 

How Do Online Divorces Work Outside Of Bliss Divorce? 

The majority of online platforms provide; however, their way of work differs from platform to platform. Some of these online platforms, including ours, offer help from preeminent mediators to resolve any pending issues. 

Couples in California who opt for online divorce can file their uncontested divorce papers online. Although they can do that on their own, it is highly advisable to go through an online divorce service since they might need help and guidance through the whole process, from finding the right forms to instructions for filing divorce documents.

Benefits and drawbacks of online divorce

There are several pros and cons of online divorce. 

Firstly, online divorces are cheaper. The whole process is shorter since you do not need to meet with divorce lawyers. Finally, an online divorce gives you the flexibility to prepare papers and work on getting a divorce outside of business hours.

To meet the online divorce requirements, you must meet the residency and uncontested divorce requirements.

On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to some online divorce platforms. One drawback is that some online divorces may not work best in a contested divorce. Remember that regardless of the type of divorce, the emotional toll is very high. 

However, this is not the case with BlissDivorce since it is a platform built without any obstacles for specific divorce cases. 

Online Divorce in CA

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The Pros and Cons of Online Divorce: Is it Right for You?

First, you must understand that online divorce is legal; but it is not just “click and go.” 

The pros of online divorce 

Online divorce is way more affordable

Although online divorces are not free, they are significantly cheaper which is the biggest advantage of these services. The cost varies; however, in any case, it is a low price of a few hundred thousand dollars. You should pay with a credit card when you are ready to file.

The lower cost is important to the ex-spouses, especially those who do not have a big budget and want to save money for their life as a single person.

The process is faster

Another advantage of an online divorce is not having to meet with lawyers. You can complete your paperwork in days which speeds up the whole process.

The good news is that you do not have to go across town, schedule appointments with divorce lawyers, and prolong the time to complete the divorce. Online divorce is quick; the quicker you get your papers to the court, the sooner your marriage will dissolve.

You are in control

You are in control and you know what is happening with your paperwork. You do not need to contact paralegals, transfer messages to lawyers, and wait for answers.

This option allows you to prepare the documents outside business hours without taking time from work.

Mistakes are rare

The online divorce system is pretty straightforward, meaning you are filling out the form yourself. No one knows your life better than you; therefore, it is hard to make a mistake.

When a lawyer fills out the documents, they could potentially make some errors. Unfortunately, mistakes slow down the divorce process. In this sense, online divorces are better for avoiding delays.

It is possible to waive your right to appear

Going through an online divorce means you have the right to appeal and do not need to meet with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You do not need to go to court if you and your spouse agree on everything. The court can complete your divorce without you going to a hearing, especially if the judge does not have any questions for you.

Pros and cons of online divorce

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The cons of online divorce without using Bliss Divorce

Although online divorce sounds fantastic due to its advantages, including saving time and money and not needing to go to court and face the spouse, it also has some potential drawbacks.

Contested divorce might be complicated

The online divorce process helps you prepare and revise the paperwork before delivering it to the court. However, spouses who can not reach a mutual agreement might make the online process difficult.

In such cases, it might be best to opt for a divorce mediator, a professional who might explain the situation and try to bring the parties to a mutual agreement. Of course, this means extra charges and an increase in the total cost of online divorce.

However, it is not that concerning since a divorce mediator charge would not drastically increase the total divorce amount you’ll pay. Via Bliss Divorce, you can get up to five hours with a skilled mediator and everything needed to file a divorce.

You will still have emotional baggage

If you opt for an online divorce, remember that although it is less stressful, you are still ending your marriage, and the emotional toll is high. Since online forms are general, you might need more documents in complex divorces.

Remember that although the online process is straightforward, and you start by agreeing on everything, problems and disagreements might arise during divorce.

When Online Divorce Is Not Appropriate – Some Platforms Will Not Support What You Need

Some online divorce platforms are not highly developed to deliver the best outcome in your favor if you belong to some of these categories:

  • If there are complicated debt issues, unfiled tax returns, or unpaid taxes.
  • If at least one of the spouses is an artist or creator receiving royalties.
  • If the migration status of one of the spouses might be affected by the divorce.
  • If your marriage issues include domestic violence.
  • If you need financial support (spousal maintenance) after the divorce.
  • If there is substance abuse or addiction, like alcoholism, drugs, pornography, or gambling.
  • If the residential time of the children is not resolved, including if you or the spouse consider moving.
  • If there are unresolved property issues, such as properties inherited or gifted.

However, this is not the case with BlissDivorce. Via this platform, you can easily get a divorce, regardless if your situation has some of the abovementioned specific conditions or not.

When Not to Choose Online Divorce

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Is California Online Divorce Right For You?

Online divorce service is the ideal option for spouses. Couples can save time and money by choosing to end their marriage via an online service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an online divorce complete in California?

According to the mandatory waiting period under California law, an online divorce in California is completed in six months. As soon as you answer the questions from the form and fill out the paperwork, you can print, sign, and email the documents to your spouse.

What is the simplest way to get a divorce in California?

The simplest way to divorce in California is online divorce. The cost for divorce attorneys in California, on average, is $17,500. Remember that, according to the California divorce law, you should pay a fee of $435-$450 just to begin the process. 

Online divorce will save you a considerable amount by avoiding attorney fees. 

How to apply for an online divorce?

Below, you will find the steps to an online divorce. Can it really be that simple? Follow these instructions if you and your spouse decide to get an online divorce:

  • Sign up

First, you have to register and create an account.

  • Answer several questions

You need to respond to basic questions. The system will inform you if you are eligible for an online divorce.

  • Do the survey

The surveys include questions about the financial situations of both partners, children, and property.

  • Enter assets and debt information
  • Propose how you would divide belongings
  • Write down your parenting plan if you have children

Check if the information you gave is correct, and edit if necessary.

  • Prepare paperwork and file

The online divorce service helps you prepare the paperwork and file with the court without paying filing fees.

Bottom Line

There are several pros and cons of online divorce. This procedure is almost painless, time-saving, and inexpensive. However, it is not the best choice for every couple.

This is not the right option for you if you are in a complex, contested divorce.

Remember that it is ideal for an uncontested divorce. If you and your partner agree on every aspect of the divorce, you should go for an online divorce.

When deciding to split and continue your lives separately, going through divorce as easily and fast as possible is essential.