Considering the divorce process in California can drag out due to different circumstances, it isn’t unusual for you to meet someone new during the ongoing process. So, if you are wondering when can I remarry after divorce in California, we’ve got the answer. Keep reading to find out!

Before you start planning your new wedding, it is wise to ensure you understand the remarriage laws post-divorce. That’s why we’ll discuss how soon can you get married after a divorce in California.

When Can I Remarry After Divorce in California?

It is important to note that every state has its own laws regarding divorce and consequent remarriage. While in the past, there were more limitations, today, the majority of US states no longer have waiting requirements before ex-spouses may get remarried.

There are only nine states currently with laws outlining some limitations for those looking to move on to their second marriage after their divorce. Fortunately for you, if you are a California resident, you won’t have to worry about such laws as the state is not among them. 

Under California law, once the judge finalizes your divorce, there is no waiting period to get remarried. The only waiting period in California is the six-month divorce timeline it takes to finalize the process.

The six-month period is a general divorce timeline in California. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding your specific case, it may take longer to finalize the divorce. 

Because of this, many spouses decide to seek a divorce without a lawyer California. Divorce lawyers charge exorbitant prices and tend to drag out the process. 

When Can I Remarry After Divorce in California

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Understanding California’s Waiting Periods

In California, you and your spouse may get a divorce by starting a court case without needing to provide a reason beyond irreconcilable differences. You just need to fulfill the residency criteria, fill out the forms, file them, and pay the required fee.

Without any issues, the entire divorce process lasts at least six months. More often than not, in California, it may take longer than six months to get officially divorced. Factors that may impact the length of the divorce process are the following:

  • Contested divorce – If your spouse is uncooperative, the divorce process will take a while to get finalized.
  • Backlog of cases – For a divorce to be finalized, a judge must sign the divorce decree. So, if the court has a backlog of cases, you must wait until a judge has the time to review yours. 
  • Mandatory hearing or a trial – When you and your partner cannot reach a settlement agreement, you’ll need to settle in court. A hearing or a trial takes a lot of time and can also turn messy and expensive. 

Legal Implications of Remarriage Before the Waiting Period Ends

If you want to get remarried in California, you must ensure your divorce is finalized, and the judge signed the divorce decree. So, if you wonder do you need divorce papers to remarry in California, the answer is yes to avoid any legal issues. 

After the judge signs off on the final judgment, your divorce is official, and you are legally considered single. 

If you attempt to remarry before the divorce is finalized, you’ll be breaking the law. This is because, under California law, bigamy is a crime that is punishable by up to three years in jail. 

Legal Implications of Remarriage Before the Waiting Period Ends

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When can I remarry after divorce in California? In California, you can get remarried after your previous marriage has officially ended. This means after the judge signs your decree, you are legally single and can get married again.