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Technology can simplify the process of getting a divorce. It can make it less painful and time-consuming. You can complete digital forms on online platforms. They also offer tools for users. So, the role of technology in online divorce is important, and it should be considered.

Using technology to initiate and finalize divorce proceedings has a lot of benefits. It’s easy, fast, and convenient for people. However, there are also certain limitations you have to consider to protect yourself from fraudulent websites.

But many people are still on the fence before getting an online divorce. They still ask themselves whether online platforms can completely replace traditional divorce. Some also doubt their effectiveness. This article breaks down the pros and cons of an online divorce and how to use the Internet efficiently without exposing your personal information to people with bad intentions.

The Role of Technology in Online Divorce For The Industry In General

The role of technology in online divorce has its benefits and drawbacks. Yet, some people consider it better than traditional divorce. The entire process and negotiation take place online. So, frequent trips to the court and the divorce attorney’s office are a thing of the past.

Nowadays, you can legally get a divorce with only a few clicks. But you will need professional help during the divorce proceedings. An online divorce service provider or a mediator to advise you through the entire process and provide guidance.

After you finalize the divorce, you can still contact the online divorce service. The providers can further guide you to the final step or recommend a divorce mediator in case you can not reach a mutual agreement with your spouse.

The Role of Technology in Online Divorce

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Online spousal communication

Spouses can communicate virtually on online platforms to avoid conflict. They can discuss their terms, conditions, and settlements without needing a face-to-face meeting. Online communication makes it easier for spouses to negotiate without getting angry at each other during their conversation.

Some people can’t stand seeing their spouses in person after they agree to get a divorce. Even if the agreement was civil, pretending the person in front of you wasn’t your life partner once is difficult for many. But, if you communicate online, getting emotional is less likely. 

Filing divorce papers online

The important role of technology in online divorce starts with preparing the paperwork. Online platforms offer pre-written documents you can complete to initiate the divorce process. A good online divorce service provider will gather and file your paperwork.

However, before filing the paperwork, you must reach a mutual divorce agreement with your spouse. The online legal system doesn’t accept unsettled divorce terms. If you can’t overcome the issues and come to an agreement, you may be unqualified to get an online divorce.

Grounds for divorce from online sources

Social media platforms can serve as sources to establish grounds for divorce. Spouses may sometimes deny the mistakes that led to a divorce. But their actions on social media may prove otherwise. Proof from online sources can also be used during child custody battles.


Many types of addiction can be discovered online. However, the most common one is pornography addiction. One spouse may discover that the other is watching disturbing and inappropriate content on the Internet.

They can present this as evidence during the initial stages as one of the reasons for getting a divorce. This shows that the spouse watching compulsive videos is unstable and may not be the best influence on the children.


If one of the spouses is unfaithful in the marriage, the Internet can bring it to light. Today, cheating on your spouse starts with online conversations. The cheater’s timing won’t always be on their side. Their spouse will eventually see a message revealing suspicious behavior.

For some people, this may only be an online exploration. For others, online infidelity turns into physical action and a full-blown affair. Infidelity is one of the common reasons for getting a divorce. Therefore, evidence from social media and online chat rooms is seen as very valuable.


After getting into a fight or verbal altercation, some spouses continue arguing online. They are so angry at each other and want to taunt one another. The abuse in the marriage can be physical or verbal. Spouses can prove it through social media or SMS messages. 

Lowered stress level

Relying on a divorce attorney to represent and negotiate for you can be stressful. Facing your spouse in a courtroom is also not the most pleasant feeling. Therefore, taking advantage of technology in online divorce can make the process less stressful. 

Lowered stress level

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Digital divorce mediation

Disagreements are common between spouses during divorce proceedings. This is where divorce mediation comes into play. An online divorce service provider can offer digital mediation advice and resolution tools

Divorce mediation also allows one to avoid having separate divorce attorneys presenting differing issues. This way of getting an online divorce gives spouses a chance to resolve their issues mutually and on their terms. 

Using divorce mediation tools is very helpful. However, if the spouses can’t reach a mutual agreement, they are connected with a mediator. A divorce mediator schedules an online meeting to help the couple deal with their disputes and agree on all divorce terms to jump-start the process. 

Benefits of Virtual Divorce

Online divorce has a lot of benefits. Not only is it a faster alternative than a traditional divorce with attorneys and courts, but it’s also more cost-effective. Also, your court hearings won’t be delayed since the entire process takes place online. If you have children, a judge may request one trip to the court.


We are discussing an uncontested divorce if you reach a mutual agreement before filing divorce paperwork. In these cases, the court will accept the divorce filings immediately. This excludes the waiting period of traditional divorce. 

Good online platforms for divorce will continue to work with you if the court rejects your filing due to unresolved matters. Experienced professionals working on these platforms can help to resolve any issues until the filing is accepted. 

Low cost

Divorce lawyers charge their clients a lot of money for everything they do. They have their set prices, from gathering and filing the documents to court appearances. But with online divorce, the cost is lower since you won’t need to pay a divorce attorney to represent you. 

No delays

Errors in on-paper divorce forms are very common and can lead to a delay in court hearings. This back-and-forth paperwork filing makes traditional divorce more lengthy and painful for both parties. However, the digital world allows correcting errors with one click.

Benefits of Virtual Divorce

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Drawbacks of Using Technology for Online Divorce Without Using Bliss Divorce

In addition to the useful benefits of virtual divorce, you have to consider certain limitations. The Internet is the home of hackers who thrive on manipulating someone else’s personal information. Also, some divorce platforms are not trustworthy or legitimate. 

Scam platforms

Watch out for scam divorce platforms offering no guarantee policy. Fraudulent online platforms for divorce are usually overpriced without offering the help you need. The owners of these websites will take your money and leave you hanging.

Limited internet access

Unfortunately, there are still people with limited access to the Internet. This may be because one spouse is unemployed or doesn’t own any technological device. Therefore, couples with limited online access can’t get a divorce online unless they seek help from their close relatives or friends.

Leakage of personal information

We can also connect the role of technology in online divorce with safety. That said, you should ensure you never post documents with personal information online. Also, review your social media privacy settings to keep your data safe.

However, personal information is sometimes leaked even if your privacy settings are implemented. Therefore, don’t share any documents with your friends on social media. 

Information can be re-sent and shared between many people without your knowledge or permission.

Drawbacks of Using Technology for Online Divorce

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can social proof create a strong case for divorce?

If there is online proof of one spouse cheating on the other, this is strong evidence. Social proof reveals a spouse’s suspicious behavior, most commonly through messages. Therefore, it is very reliable and can create a strong case for divorce.

Can online evidence be deemed fake?

Evidence seemingly found online can be easily photoshopped. Let’s say one spouse wants to falsely accuse the other of cheating by using online tools and making it seem real. Luckily, technology can easily detect fake proof.


We hope learning about the role of technology in online divorce was useful for you. Our goal was to present the ease and speed of online divorce and how some people mistreat technology to create false evidence. 

Technology benefits people who want to skip lengthy divorce proceedings and attorney meetings. It simplifies complex processes such as divorce, making it easier for people to deal with stress and legal actions.